Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Glass Painted Bottle

This bottle started as a sparkling cider bottle or something and I saved it because it was so cool and now I finally found a use! This is basically the easiest tutorial ever. Really ever.

You will need:
~An old glass jar of any shape or size (you can even use jam jars, olive jars, anything you have)
~Paint, any color you choose
~Ribbon (optional)
1. Pour the paint into the bottle, close the lid and roll it around until the entire thing is covered.
2. Open the cap and let it sit. The next morning you will want to check it and roll it around a little more because some glass will be exposed. This will happen for a few days, just keep covering those trouble spots.
3. When it's finished tie a ribbon onto it. Easiest tutorial ever! These would be so cute in an arrangement of several different colors and shapes.

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