Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Cute Display Dream Jar
(or something like that)
I saw something like this at a craft fair and fell in love with the idea so here's my re-creation

You will need:
 Any old jar (I found mine for 99 cents at the goodwill with a hideous design on it)
 Hot glue gun
 Button, old earring, cork (something for the stopper)
 Beads or something to put inside
 Any other embellishments you want (glitter, jewels, ect.)
 Tacky glue or rubber cement

1. Clean the jar, WD40 off or scrape off any horrible markings. Choose the what word you want to go on the jar and type it in a pretty font. I chose dream because these were made for nightstands. Print this out, which may take several tries to get it just the right size. If you want any images print those as well.

2. Cut out the word and the image, then glue them onto the jar using rubber cement or tacky glue.

3. Now for the semi-tricky part: the ribbon. Glue the end of the ribbon onto the neck of the jar, make sure to start on the back. Then pull it out in sort of a loop and glue down again. Keep doing this all the way around until you get to the end.
4. Now add the last touches and embellishments. I put pearls in mine and the one I made for my mom I put glass beads. I also added glitter to the words, jewels on the four corners, and a jewel in the center of the fleur de lis. As my stopper I used an old earring. This is where the creativity comes in, you can do whatever you want to it to make it your style. And have fun!

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  1. Very cute. I think I'll make a couple for my sister. Thank you for the idea. :)