Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY St. Patrick's Day Chalkboard Frame
(Interchangeable holiday frame)

You will need:
Green paper
Paper clips or mini binder clips
Tacky craft glue
One sheet of white printer paper
Chalkboard frame from the valentine's project

1.Trace the size of the frame backing on white printer paper. Cut it out.

2. Cut four strips about a quarter inch out of the green paper. Fold three of them into V's.

3. Twist the ends into swirls using a pen, paintbrush end, something not textured. (a pencil will leave marks) They should look like heart when you're finished.

4. Glue the three hearts together, adding in a stem between two of them. I put my stem between the two with the blue clip then just bent the paper so it was going straight down. (see picture, everywhere with a clip is glued)

5. Glue the shamrock onto the pre-cut white paper. Write a St. Patrick's Day message on the frame in chalk and you're done!

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