Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Shabby Chic Frame/Collage

You will need: (most all of this is optional, this is just what I used)
 An antique or shabby chic frame
 Mod Podge
 Computer printed images
 Scrabble tiles
 Scrapbook paper
 Wooden letter
 Antique buttons
 Lace or fabric
 Small pearls
 Foam pop-ups
 Skeleton key
 Hot glue gun

1. Just remember this is all whatever you want to do, you can design it any way you like :)       First I painted my letter white and glued a ribbon down the side of my paper. Next I inserted the paper into the frame just to make sure I didn't glue anything outside the lines. 

3. I searched some images on google and printed them. I cut them out roundly, they don't have to be perfect. Next you burn the edges with a lighter, be very careful! I lit several of them on fire before I got the perfect burned edges effect. Mod podge over the images to secure them.

4. Gather all your materials and lay them out on the paper the way you want them to look. Glue everything down with the hot glue. That's it! You have a beautiful shabby chic frame designed by you!


  1. Love this frame! I'm not allowed to play with fire so someone else will have to do that part. LOL Your style is so awesome.

    1. Thanks! haha yes after this project I probably shouldn't either