Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Headband and Hair Flower

You will need...
~ribbon (this will be the color of your headband
~2 hair ties for each headband
~hot glue gun
~fabric (for the flower)
~small hair clip (optional)
~embellishments (optional)


1. Tie the 2 hair ties together and measure the ribbon using your head. (Make it slightly smaller than your head so it will be tight)
2. Glue the ribbon onto the hair ties and your done!

Flower: (better flower tutorial coming soon)

1. Cut out about 6 or 7 circles depending on how thick you want your flower, the size of the circle will be the size of the finished flower. Cut out a piece of felt a little smaller than the size of the flower circles.
2. Fold each piece of the flower in half once then in half again so its the shape of an ice cream cone then glue it onto the felt with the tip in the center.
3. Keep adding the petals until the flower is filled out. To make a smaller flower in the center do the same thing just a bit smaller.
4. On my flower I've added a jewel in the center of my flower. I also glued a clip onto the back of the flower so it can be clipped onto the headband or worn alone.

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