Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

You will need...
*old picture frame
*screw-in hooks
*screw driver and drill bit
*white paint
*industrial stapler
*tiny screw-in loops

1. Paint the frame white, let dry and sand off some edges for a shabby-chic, antiqued look or leave it pure white for a more sleek look.
2. Measure the bottom distance of the frame and mark evenly the spaces where you want to put the hooks.
3. Screw holes on the marks using the screw driver and drill bit (I chose to skip this step and had a hook break off because the wood was so hard, not good!)
4. Now staple the screen onto the back making sure its taut.
5. Screw the tiny loops into the back and tie on the ribbon. 
6. Hang your jewelry from it and hang it on the wall for easy and beautiful jewelry storage!

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