Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Valentine's Picture Frame
You will need...
 Unfinished wood frame  
 Valentine's colored paper (this will be the heart, I used red)
 One sheet of white printer paper or scrapbook paper if you want a colored background
 Black chalkboard paint
 Tacky glue
Tiny binder clip or paper clip

1. Start by painting your picture frame with two coats of chalkboard paint.
2. Next cut three thin strips that are close to the same width (about 1/4th in) from the colored paper.
3. Fold them all into a V and glue them together at the point. Let dry.  
4. Next curl the inside strips of paper by wrapping them tightly around a pen, the end of a paintbrush, something smooth so it doesn't make marks. This is what you will have:

5. Gather the long ends into the shape of a heart starting first with the inside one then the outside one. Bring the inside pieces down to the point of the V and bring the outside one about 1/2 inch up from the V. This way they will have more space between them when you're done.

The Inside Piece, bring all the way down to the V

Outside Piece, not quite as far down
 This is when I clipped them just to make things easier.
6.Now you'll want to cut a little off the ends so the heart isn't too fat.
7. Glue the loose ends into the V.
8. Un-clip the strands and add some glue then re-clip them.
9. When this is dry un-clip the heart and add a small drop of glue on the inside of the swirls.
10. Re-clip this time with the swirls inside the clip but make sure you don't flatten them out too much.
11. You're almost done! Now trace the cardboard thing that came in the frame on the white printer paper or the scrapbook paper, whichever you're using.

Run glue along the thick center line of the heart and glue it onto the white paper. Put it in the frame, write a note in chalk and you're done!

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  1. Wow, very cute! I love quilled stuff and this looks like you quilled it!