Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Fabric Large Bead Necklace
You will need:
-wooden beads (the size of your choice but the bigger the bead the easier and make sure it has a large hole, you can find these at any crafting or fabric store)
-ribbon, this is the color of the "chain"
-large sewing needle
-clear drying glue (I used tacky glue and some is still visible on the necklace though not much)
-fabric of your choice, you can use several different colors or all one color but make sure it is cotton and not too thick
-one sheet of printer paper
-fabric scissors
-metal or wooden BBQ skewer (I used metal for the heavier part and wood for the smaller parts)
-metal spacers (optional)

1. Start by cutting the fabric into squares, about 2" by 2", just make sure it can completely cover the bead. I made 11 squares for my 11 beads, you want to do an uneven number of beads that way one will always lay in the center when you have the necklace on.
2. Lay out the printer paper so you don't get glue everywhere. Take one piece of fabric and completely cover it in glue. Lay a bead in the center and wrap it up.
3. Now this is the tricky part, I cut some off the long edges to make it a bit easier but don't cut too much then it won't cover the bead completely. Now you attempt to shove the ends of the fabric into the holes of the bead with the BBQ skewer, this definitely takes some skill and practice! If you don't do it on the first try just take the fabric off and try again. It took me about 3 times and there was glue everywhere. Don't worry though, once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.

4. Once you have all the beads covered make sure you haven't obstructed any holes then let them dry! Of course I didn't because I'm very impatient and ended up ruining one when I was threading the ribbon.
5. Once they are all dry thread the ribbon into the giant needle and very carefully thread the beads onto the ribbon, putting either a spacer or a knot between each bead. Leave the ribbon long at the ends.
6. Tie several knots at the top end of the beads so they stay in place. Cut the ribbon the length you want your necklace and tie at the top. Now you have a beautiful necklace!

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  1. I saw this one when your mom wore it and it's gorgeous! I thought you had painted them.