Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Dress Form!
What you will need:
~masking tape (about one large roll)
~a model
~very tight t-shirt (for the model)
~newspaper (lots!)
~a long, thick wooden dowel
~scrap booking paper of your choice
~foam caulking for houses
~white flour
1. First you need a model. I used my sister, thank you :). Have them put on the shirt and possibly some old shorts depending on how far down you want to go.
2. Start taping everything with the masking tape, make sure everything is well covered in about two layers
3. When you are satisfied with it make a couple horizontal lines across the upper back and lower back with a pencil then cut up the back, make sure not to cut her bra or necklace
4. Next you need to tape up the back, make sure to align the pencil marks. Tape over the arm holes and the neck hole.
5. Next fill the inside with crumpled up newspaper, grocery bags, whatever you have that will hold up well. Make sure to put the dowel in before it gets too full. Tape the bottom, securing the dowel in place; this is where you want to put some foam in.
6. Mix one cup flour for every 2 cups water to make the paper mache paste. Tear newspaper into strips, dip into the mixture and cover the entire body.
7. Let this dry for several days then repeat with the scrapbook paper. VoilĂ ! you have your dress form!


  1. Great job! I love that you used color on this! Yours looks WAY better than mine.

    1. Thank you but yours is much more functional! Mine is just for looks ha